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Welcome to our website! We specialize in the custom creation of life-like, life size human character mannequins/manikins, animals, birds, dinosuars, and Fortune Teller Machines. Some popular applications are home and business theme developement, marketing, museum displays, special events, theme parks, themed restaurants, etc.                                                                                                        

We can produce for you talking and animated versions as well as static or non-animated. Voice activation by digital, tape, or live wireless microphone causes the jaw to open and close automatically.  Here you will see represented some of the many popular themes such as: OLD WEST MANIKINS featuring;  Cowboys, Sour Doughs, Ranchers, Rustlers, Wranglers, Outlaws, Pioneers, Homesteaders, you name it.  NAUTICAL MANIKINS featuring;  Pirates, Old Salts, Fishermen, Dock Hands, Boat Captains, Mermaids and the like.  HOLIDAY MANIKINS featuring:Christmas; Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, Leprechan's, Uncle Sam, Halloween Spooks, Pilgrims, Native Americans... just to name a few.

Contact us with any questions or unique requests. Nostalgic Themes, Inc. will provide you with incomparable quality and workmanship. We have over 30 years experience in our unique line of work. Maybe you've seen some of our creations! They DO tend to stay in peoples minds. Click OUR PRICE LIST / PROMOS under Online Services at left for more info.  

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Moose Head Wall Mount Animated/Talking
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Moose Head Wall Mount Animated/Talking

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Our Character Manikins/Mannequins generally represent various Nostalgic Themes.  We started these concepts in the 1980's. Then, marketing these unique  life size human characters to various themed businesses, whose marketing images, and decor were geared to fit with the historically significant aspects of their geographical location, or theme.   In those days, we successfully promoted the idea of sitting one or several of our life size human character manikins on a bench, barrells, or chairs, at the front entrance of these gift shops, specialty shops, antique shops, and tourist attractions in the United States.  In doing so, we effectively would create a photo opportunity for the passing tourists, or potential customers to those businesses.  The impact of such a display at the point of purchase for such businnesses as I've described was profound enough to gain the praise and continued patronage of our past clients.    

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